Servizi di Giardinaggio e Vivaio
UFFICI: Via Manzoni 11, Scala F, 1° Piano Cecina (LI) - Tel. 0586.1581956
VIVAIO: S.R. 68 km.37 Località Casato, Volterra (PI) - Tel 0588.81342
20 Ott 2015
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Ask Jennifer: Your Gardening Questions Answered

I would like to grow some “barometer plants” to use as an early warning system for my garden. What plants are first to respond to frost, first to bolt and first to wilt? Is this a waste of time? It’s not a waste of time, but I’m not sure you’d have to invest in any particular variety. I would use half-hardy annuals that are sensitive to frost, such as cosmos lobelia

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